Jody Arsolon

The Top 10 Benefits of an IT Support Chatbot

Generative AI powered IT support chatbots like Gleen AI can better understand complex technical questions from employees and create more relevant answers. In addition, Gleen AI doesn't hallucinate.

17 Features Your SMS Bot Must Have

Companies need an SMS bot that is reliable, fast, and accurate. Gleen AI his an SMS bot that ingests your proprietary knowledge and understands/responds to complex questions. Most importantly, Gleen AI doesn't hallucinate.

Your Complete Guide to SMS AI

SMS is a critical communication channel. Generative AI for SMS solutions like Gleen AI ingest unlimited proprietary knowledge, understand complex questions, and generate relevant responses in real time. Best of all, Gleen AI does't hallucinate.

AI Bots like Chat GPT

Chat GPT may be most famous chatbot. But, its lack of security and its tendency to hallucinate are also its downfall. Enterprises that need a secure chatbot that can be trained on proprietary data and doesn't hallucinate should turn to Gleen AI.

AI Platforms like Chat GPT: Best Options for Enterprises

ChatGPT is powerful, but for enterprises that need generative AI solutions, ChatGPT has severe limitations. Among AI platforms like Chat GPT, you can upload proprietary knowledge to Gleen AI. And, most importantly, Gleen AI doesn't hallucinate.

Best AI Programs Like Chat GPT: Gleen AI

ChatGPT is great, but it has major limitations for business users. Gleen AI allows enterprises to upload their proprietary knowledge and keeps their knowledge secure and private. Best of all, Gleen AI doesn't hallucinate.

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