GLEEN AI FOR ECOMMERCEYour secret weapon to profitable eCommerce growth

is Gleen AI, the generative AI platform purpose-built for eCommerce Merchants

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Gleen AI's for eCommerce

Used by over 250 companies, including:


It's Time to Upgrade Your eCommerce Chatbot

Gleen AI fuels profitable growth via:

Higher Conversion
Allow shoppers to find products thru conversations instead of search results
Faster Response Time
Via automated responses to email and live chat support inquiries
More Self-Service Capabilities
Allow customers to converse with order management, fulfillment, & returns systems
Improved Customer Experience
Better shopping and customer service experiences improves CSAT and loyalty
Decreased Customer Service Costs
Less time spent supporting customers
+500% ROI
Ecommerce merchants have been ecstatic with the ROI on Gleen AI

Gleen AI Works with Your Entire Ecommerce Stack


Gleen AI can automatically respond to customers in all these channels:

Help Desks

Gleen AI can record all chatbot conversation, transfer conversations to agents, and be used in Agent Assist mode in:

Ecommerce Platforms

Gleen AI can ingest product catalogs, pricing, and look-up real-time inventory and orders in:

Ecommerce Speciality Functions

Gleen AI can help customers self-serve across a number of Ecommerce functions, including:

Fulfillment & Returns


It’s Super Easy to Implement Gleen AI.


No/Minimal Coding Needed

  • Gleen AI scrapes your site
  • Give API keys for Gleen AI to access real-time inventory and order management
  • Easy to deploy Gleen AI in your support channels

No Prep Work Required

  • No need to create extensive Q&As or FAQs
  • Gleen AI can train off existing store policies, support documents and resolved help desk tickets

Get Value Immediately

  • A basic product search & FAQ chatbot can be ready in hours
  • Inventory & order management functionality can be integrated within minutes
  • Start saving time and delighting customers immediately

Start Profitably Scaling Your Ecommerce Store

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