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Gleen AI's Email integrationGleen AI's Email integration

Key Benefits of Gleen AI's Email Integration

1. Easy Integration & Configuration

Integration with Mail Server and Help Desk

Gleen AI integrates quickly and seamlessly with your mail server and all major help desk solutions. All emails come from your mail server, not Gleen.

Email Assist vs. Auto-Email Configurability

Configure Gleen AI to provide drafts of emails to live agents or have Gleen AI automatically respond to customers’ emails.

Time of Day/Day of Week Configurability

Use the time of day and day of the week to turn on automatic email responses.

Easy integration and configuration

2. Help Desk as the System of Record

Inbound Emails Recorded in the Help Desk

All inbound customer emails and Gleen AI's responses are automatically recorded within your existing Help Desk. This ensures a complete record of every interaction.

Gleen AI Responses Recorded in Help Desk

All automatic Gleen AI responses will be automatically recorded in your Help Desk solution.

Help Desk Remains System of Record

3. Smooth AI to Human Handoff

Auto-detect user intent to interact with a human

When a user asks to connect with a live agent, Gleen AI transfers the fully email thread to human agents.

Human agents continue to work with existing tools

Humans continue to write email responses and create tickets within your existing help desk solution. Gleen AI integrates with all major help desk solutions.

Smooth AI to human handoff

4. More Support Content

Longer Email Responses

Because of the asynchronous nature of email, Gleen AI’s email responses can be configured to provide more in-depth responses.

Links to Support Documents

Gleen AI email responses will include hyperlinks to relevant support documents in your help center or knowledge base.

More Support Content

5. Email Thread Context

Gleen AI understands the full context of all prior emails in the thread (both automated and manual), as though it were a live chat conversation. The next Gleen AI email response will always consider all prior emails in the thread.

Email Thread Context

Supercharge Email Support with Gleen AI

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