Gleen AI's Slack integrationElevate Your Slack Support with Generative AI

With Gleen AI's Slack integration, provide accurate and real-time support within your Slack instance. And delight your customers.

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Gleen AI's Slack integrationGleen AI's Slack integration

Key Benefits of Gleen AI's Slack Integration

1. Easy Integration & Configuration

Effortless 1-Click Integration

Gleen AI comes as an off-the-shelf Slack App. Your Slack admin just needs to click once to add Gleen AI to your Slack instance.

Channel-by-Channel Configurability

Add Gleen AI to specific channels — or not. You have complete control over which channels Gleen AI should respond in.

Unlimited Channels

Have Gleen AI listen to any number of Slack channels. With our consumption-based pricing, you only pay for what you use (when Gleen AI actually responds).

Easy integration and configuration

2. Fast, Accurate Responses

Automatic, Accurate Responses

For channels that Gleen AI is activate in, Gleen AI will automatically start providing highly accurate responses based on your company-specific knowledge. No hallucination, even in Slack.

No Waiting

Gleen AI streams responses into Slack in real-time, word-by-word, so users can start reading responses immediately.

Fast, accurate responses

3. Relevant Citations & Continuous Feedback

Relevant Citations

Gleen AI can be configured to provide relevant links to provide more context behind answers, creating a better user experience.

Continuous Feedback

Customers interacting with Gleen AI can provide feedback on each response. That feedback can be used to improve response and knowledge base quality over time.

Relevant citations and continuous feedback

4. Seamless Escalation to Live Agents

Automatic Escalations

For questions that Gleen AI isn't able to answer, Gleen AI can automatically open a ticket in your help desk solution and escalate the entire conversation to a human agent.

Integrations with Leading Help Desks

Gleen AI can create tickets in all leading help desk solutions, including Intercom, ZenDesk, and FreshDesk. Or you can use Gleen Ticketing to escalate to live agents.

Seamless escalation to live agents

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