Gleen AI's Intercom integrationDelight Your Customers with Our Intercom Integration

Gleen AI works seamlessly with your Intercom instance to delight your customers.

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Gleen AI's Intercom integration

Key Use Cases of Gleen AI's Intercom Integration

1. Support for Intercom's Messenger

Automatic Responses in Intercom's Messenger

Have Gleen AI provide generative AI responses within Intercom's Messenger — just like a live agent might.

Intelligently Split Traffic

Split traffic between Gleen AI and live agents by time of day, day of week, or by a predetermined percentage of conversations.

Support for Intercom's Messenger

2. Integration with Intercom's Help Desk & Ticketing

Run Gleen AI Alone

Customers not using Intercom's Messenger can use Gleen AI's SDK to have Gleen AI interact with live customers on one or more sites.

Escalate & Create Tickets in Intercom

When Gleen AI is unable to resolve issues, Gleen AI can escalate the conversation to live agents and automatically create tickets in Intercom.

Integration with Intercom's Help Desk and Ticketing

3. Automatic Knowledge Ingestion

Unify Fragmented Knowledge

Have Gleen AI ingest structured and unstructured knowledge, both from knowlege bases/FAQs and from prior responses in Intercom.

No Knowledge Preparation Necessary

No need to spend hours preparing the perfect knowledge base of snippets. Gleen AI can ingest your knowledge as is.

Automatic knowledge ingestion

4. Helpful Links & Continuous Intelligence

Contextual Links

When possible, Gleen AI will provide your customers with helpful links to documentation, creating a better customer experience.

Continuous Intelligence

Gleen AI continuously collects feedback on responses, allowing you to track and improve inconsistencies or holes in your documentation and improve Gleen AI response quality.

Helpful links and continuous intellegence

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