Gleen AI's Discord integrationUse Generative AI to Engage Your Discord Community

Have a big online community with too many unanswered questions? Gleen AI's Discord integration is the perfect solution to help you engage with your community with fast and reliable answers.

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Gleen AI's Discord integrationGleen AI's Discord integration

Key Benefits of Gleen AI's Discord Integration

1. Fast Integration & Configurability

Fast, 1-Click Integration

Gleen AI comes as a pre-packaged Discord bot. Your Discord admin just needs to click once to add the Gleen AI bot to your Discord server.

Add the Bot to Specific Channels

You can add -- or not add -- the Gleen AI bot to specific channels on your Discord server. The GleenAI bot will only respond in the channels it's been added to.

Consumption-Based Pricing

Gleen AI's pricing is based on the customer conversations, not the number of Discord Servers or Channels. So you can add Gleen AI to multiple Discord servers & channels.

Fast integration and configurability

2. Real-Time, Accurate Answers

Respond Only to Questions

Gleen AI can be configured to respond only to questions in channels it's been added to.

No Waiting

Gleen AI responds to questions in your Discord channels 24/7/365, using only your company-specific knowledge.

Real-time, accurate answers

3. Help Links & Feedback Collection

Links to Documentation

For customers that need more in-depth answers, Gleen AI can be configured to provide links to relevant online documentation.

Feedback Collection

Gleen AI can collect feedback on each response. Customers can monitor the feedback and find inconsistent knowledge or areas where more knowledge is needed.

Help links and feedback collection

4. Hand-Off to Live Agents & Help Desks

Escalate to Live Agents

Upon customer request, Gleen AI can automatically hand-off to a live agent and transfer the entire conversation to a live agent.

Seamless Help Desk Integration

Upon escalation to live agents, Gleen AI can create tickets in Intercom, ZenDesk, FreshDesk, Gleen Ticketing, or other leading help desk solutions.

Hand-off to live agents and help desks

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