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Gleen AI seamlessly integrates with Discord and automates support for Web3 & Crypto projects.

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Gleen AI's Web3 Solution

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4 Ways Gleen AI Drives Value For Web3 & Crypto Projects

With Gleen AI, automatically support your Web3 & Crypto projects with naturally flowing conversations. And be a rock star.

1. Trains on Your Project

Ingests Project-Specific Knowledge

Train Gleen AI to your project's previous Discord answers, Github repository, support knowledge base, and even resolved support tickets.

No Hallucination

Gleen AI won't answer any questions that don't relate to your project. Period.

Configurable Persona

Name the Gleen AI chatbot and have Gleen AI converse in a tone that's consistent with your project's brand.

Trains on Your Project

2. Complete Discord & Telegram Integration

Effortless, Channel-Specific Discord Deployment

Integrate Gleen AI on your Discord server with just a few clicks. Deploy Gleen AI on any number of channels at no incremental cost.

Question-Specific Listening

Configure Gleen AI to only respond to questions.

Real-Time Response

Provide real-time community support by answering questions in Discord & Telegram. Leave no question unanswered.

Complete Discord & Telegram Integration

3. Gleen AI Agents

On-Chain Transaction Status

Answer questions such as transaction status, and much more.

Other Database Integrations

Use Gleen AI Agents to allow customers & community members to interact with any database, expanding self-service capabilities.

Gleen AI Agents

4. Developer Support

Answer Technical Questions

Have Gleen AI answer technical questions about protocols and APIs. Use Gleen AI to generate sample code.

Bug Detection

Allow developers to enter code snippets into Gleen AI. Gleen AI can help detect bugs.

Developer Support

Gleen AI for Web3 & Crypto

Automate community & developer support for your Web3 & Crypto project with generative AI from Gleen.

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