Customer Success Stories

Real Problems, Real Results: Explore the Lasting Impact of Gleen AI

“Gleen AI is extraordinary... Gleen AI was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in the company.”
Ricky Misas

Ricky Misas

Customer Support Manager at Puffy

“I’m really satisfied with Gleen AI...It helps us a lot. It resolves a lot of issues for us, and it also really helps our customer service team.”

Daviti Lomidze

CEO of Global Software Solutions, SKF

"The Gleen AI chatbot has really been a game changer. With Gleen, successfully supporting our customer isn't a bottleneck to scaling the business. It's a huge weight off our shoulders."
Alex Rawitz

Alex Rawitz

DIMO COO & Co-Founder

“Gleen has fundamentally changed the way that we're thinking about how we support customers.”
Ron Feathers

Ron Feathers

Director of Professional Services, LeanData

customer service chatbot
"Our community members love interacting with Gleen AI. It's decreased our average response time by 2 orders of magnitude, and the number of unanswered questions has decreased by more than 70%."
Estevan Vilar

Estevan Vilar

Community Manager, Matter Labs