CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY SKF Conquers International Customer Service with Gleen AI

The Company



Automotive Parts

The Problem

  • Decreasing customer satisfaction across multiple time zones and languages
  • Online translation tools inadequate due to lack of context

The Solution

  • Evaluated more than 10 AI solutions
  • Gleen AI demonstrated superior understand of questions and more accurate answers
  • Result:  61% resolution rate, 100% improvement in other KPIs

About SKF

SKF is a prominent ecommerce company known for producing premium automotive parts. Having been on the market for about a decade, SKF has established itself as a leading and progressive company within the automotive ecommerce industry.

The SKF Problem

Despite its success, SKF had started to encounter significant challenges in customer support. 

Specifically, its diverse international customer base across various time zones and languages made it difficult to provide effective and timely customer service.

In addition, many of SKF’s products are very technical in nature.

SKF customer service agents initially tried to manually translate customer questions and SKF responses using Google Translate and DeepL. 

Details, however, were literally being lost in translation, and customer satisfaction was declining as a result.

"We had a lot of customers who got angry... There was some kind of misunderstanding always."

The Search for a Solution

Recognizing the need for a more effective solution, SKF explored various AI-based customer service tools. They evaluated over ten different alternative solutions, seeking a tool that could handle their specific challenges related to language diversity and time zone differences.

Why SKF Chose Gleen AI

SKF chose Gleen AI for several reasons:

  • Better understanding of customer questions:  Gleen AI was able to understand SKF customers’ questions much better than alternative solutions.
  • More relevant & accurate answers:  Given its better understanding of customer questions, Gleen AI was able to provide much more relevant and accurate answers.
  • Superior Support and Responsiveness: Gleen provided exceptional customer service, ensuring quick and effective responses to any issues SKF encountered.
  • Language and Time Management: Gleen AI demonstrated a strong ability to handle inquiries in multiple languages accurately and efficiently.

"The results from Gleen were the most satisfactory.... Other AI tools we experimented with misunderstood the questions sometimes."

The Impact of Gleen AI

After implementing Gleen AI, SKF observed:

  • 61% resolution rate for all questions answered by Gleen AI
  • 100% improvement in other KPIs, including customer satisfaction, response time, and ticket handling time improved.
  • Enhanced CRM Team Efficiency: Gleen AI also became a valuable resource for the CRM team, helping them to quickly find and provide accurate responses to technical queries.
  • Overall Positive Feedback: The CRM team appreciated Gleen AI as an effective tool that improved their workflow and dramatically reduced response times.
“I’m really satisfied with Gleen AI...It helps us a lot. It resolves a lot of issues for us, and it also really helps our customer service team.”

-Daviti Lomidze, CEO of Global Software Solutions, SKF’s development and outsourcing partner.

61% resolution rate for all questions answered by Gleen AI

100% improvement in other KPIs, including customer satisfaction, response time, and ticket handling time improved.


Gleen AI has significantly transformed SKF customer support function, leading to doubled metrics in customer satisfaction and efficiency. 

This case study highlights how generative AI can effectively address complex challenges in customer service environments, particularly for ecommerce companies operating on a global scale, and help human customer service agents up-level their skills.