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We Give All Our Employees a ChatGPT Plus Subscription -- And You Should Too

Helix gives all its employees a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. The results have been amazing.

How to Improve Customer Service In Ecommerce

Ecommerce platforms can now offer a more personalized experience than ever before, but in order to maximize lifetime value (LTV) of your customers, your customer service needs to be on point.

How to Overcome the Customer Service Language Barrier

Deploying a generative AI chatbot like Gleen AI is the fastest and most effective way to overcome language barriers in customer service.

An Alternative to Clyde on Discord: Gleen AI

Discord has decided to shut down Clyde on Dec 1, 2023. Users of Clyde should turn to Gleen AI for online community support.

How Gleen AI Protects Your Brand

Many enterprises are wondering how a generative AI solution can protect their brand. As it turns out, Gleen AI protects brands in multiple ways.

How to Improve Customer Service Efficiency

Improving the customer service efficiency makes customers happier and streamlines your agents' time and effort. Here are 7 tips to maximize the efficiency of your CS team.

The 3% Hallucination Fallacy

For an LLM, a 3% hallucination rate might sound great. But it's a complete fallacy.

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