Gleen AIEverything You've Wanted in a Generative AI Customer Success Bot. And Less.

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More Accuracy & Relevance

Gleen AI ensures the accuracy and relevance of all generative responses with your customers. Its answers also automatically improve over time.

More Actions

Gleen Action Bots can seamlessly execute almost any action on a customer's behalf, all via generative customer conversations.

Less Set-Up & Maintenance

Gleen AI's ability to ingest imperfect knowledge from multiple sources results in lightning-fast implementation. And maintaining Gleen AI is easy.

Key Capabilties of Gleen AI

Industry-Leading Accuracy

Constrains GPT-4's answers to your company's context, making irrelevant answers impossible.


Action Bots

Takes actions, not just answers questions. Actions can include scheduling an appointment, looking up a transaction, cancelling an order, etc. Gleen can customize actions, or you can develop your own actions with the Gleen Action Bot API.


“Come as Your Are” Knowledge Ingestion

Ingests your company's knowledge from multiple sources, including existing documentation, help desk databases, and community discussion groups. Imperfect knowledge welcome — no need to prepare exhaustive knowledge bases or extensive FAQs.


Highly Secure & Private

Keeps your company's proprietary knowledge and all your customers' interactions private and highly secure.


Easy Maintenance

Doesn't require you to maintain extensive decision trees or FAQs. Just update your knowledge base, and Gleen AI will do the rest.


Live Agent Escalation

Connects to a live agent and provides the full context of the ongoing conversation with the customer.


Works with Your Existing CS/CX Stack

Integrates with all leading knowledge bases and help desks.


Improves Over Time

Learns and constantly improves, resulting in even higher resolution rates. Gleen AI even highlights inconsistencies in your knowledge base, so you can steadily improve your company's knowledge also.


Multilingual Support

Detects questions in 100 different languages and automatically responds in the same language.


How Gleen AI Works

Generative AI can hallucinate and make things up. That's why we've built an entire AI-based system around GPT-4 or your own proprietary LLM to ensure the accuracy and relevance of generative conversations with your customers.

How Gleen AI Analytics

Gleen AI isn’t a black box.
Gleen’s AI analytics help you understand how Gleen AI is performing and help you improve response quality over time. You get:

Summary Statistics

summary statistics

Feedback Summaries

feedback summaries

Automatic Categorization of Questions

automatic categorization

Response Review & Supervision

response review

Gleen AI:Designed to Keep Your Infrastructure Secure and Protect Your Customers' Privacy

Security and data privacy were top of mind in Gleen AI's architecture.

How Gleen AI keeps you secure:

We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.
Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS
We have a well-defined software development and review process
We have a local software team that touches our software
We regularly scan our code for vulnerabilities and needed security updates
To learn more, read our Security Policy.
Security Illustration

How Gleen AI protects privacy:

No Gleen customer or LLM will benefit from your company's knowledge.
End-user conversations are considered private and scrubbed of PII.
For extra privacy, a single-tenant version of Gleen AI can be deployed.
Gleen AI can also be configured as a private VPC endpoint.
To learn more, read our Privacy Policy.
Privacy Illustration