Gleen AI's Zendesk integrationTransform Customer Support with Gleen AI's ZenDesk Integration

Gleen AI's Zendesk integration allows you to leverage your investment in Zendesk and delight you customers with world-class generative AI.

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Gleen AI's Zendesk integration

Key Use Cases of Gleen AI's Zendesk Integration

1. Support for Zendesk Chat Widget

Automatic Responses within Zendesk Chat Widget

Have Gleen AI provide generative AI responses within Zendesk's Chat widget in real time, just like any other live agent.

Split Traffic

Split traffic between Gleen AI and live agents in the Zendesk chat widget by time of day, day of week, or by a fixed percentage of traffic.

Support for ZenDesk's Chat Widget

2. Integration with Zendesk

Run Gleen AI Alone

Customers not using Zendesk's chat widget can use Gleen AI's SDK to have Gleen AI interact with live customers on one or more sites.

Escalate & Create Tickets in Zendesk

When Gleen AI is unable to resolve issues, Gleen AI can escalate the the entire conversation to live agents and automatically create tickets in Zendesk.

Integration with Zendesk

3. Automatic Knowledge Ingestion

Gather Decentralized Knowledge

Have Gleen AI ingest knowledge from centralized knowlege bases/FAQs and from prior responses contained in Zendesk.

No Prep Required

Imperfect knowledge base? No problem. You don't need to prepare the perfect knowledge base of snippets. Gleen AI can ingest your knowledge as is.

Automatic knowledge ingestion

4. Help Links & Generative AI Analytics

Help Links

Gleen AI provides your customers with help links, providing more context to customers who want to read it.

Generative AI Analytics

Gleen AI collects feedback on all generative AI metrics — wait time, average customer time, and customer feedback on its responses. You can easily see where you can improve your documentation and improve the response quality of Gleen AI.

Help links and generative AI analytics

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Supercharge your Zendesk-based support with Gleen AI. Watch your average time to response shrink to almost nothing. And watch your CSAT ratings soar.