Gleen AI's SHOPIFY integrationScale Your Shopify Storefront with Gleen AI

Gleen AI helps Shopify merchants profitably scale by improving conversion, response time, shopper satisfaction, and agents' productivity.

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Gleen AI's Shopify integration

Higher Conversion. Faster Response Time. Improved CSAT.

How Gleen AI's Shopify Integration Achieves These Benefits:

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Sync with Your Shopify Catalog

Sync with your Shopify catalog, inventory, pricing, and support knowledge base.

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Automatically Respond to Support Emails

Respond to support emails immediately, decrease response time, and improve CSAT.

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Answer Live Chat Questions

Automatically answer questions via live chat in your Shopify storefront.

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Enhance Customer Self-Service

Use Gleen Action Bots to expand customer self-service options.

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Compare Products

Automatically compare products and provide in-stock product recommendations.

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Avoid Hallucination

Gleen AI doesn't hallucinate. You and your customers can trust Gleen AI responses.

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Detect Foreign Languages

Detect foreign languages and automatically respond in the same language.

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Automatically Collect Feedback

Automatically collect feedback from shoppers and admins.

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Automatically Improve Responses

Automatically improve responses based on feedback.

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Monitor Chatbot Performance

See AI analytics and review all questions and answers.

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Integrate with Leading Helpdesk Solutions

Integrate with leading helpdesk solutions like Zendesk and Freshdesk.

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Seamlessly Transfer to Live Agents

Seamlessly transfer to live agents during business hours and email after hours.

Scale Your Shopify Store with Gleen AI

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