AI-Powered Ticketing Across all Your Customer Success Channels

Gleen Ticketing centralizes support tickets across all your channels and can help you leverage the power of generative AI and community.

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A Seamless Experience for Support Teams
Centralized Ticket Management
Gleen Ticketing provides an organized interface for managing support tickets across all channels in one place, making it easy to prioritize and respond to user queries effectively.
Efficient AI-to-Human Handoff
Gleen Ticketing ensures a smooth handoff between Gleen AI and live agents, allowing users to escalate conversations to live agent and continue conversing in their primary language.
Enable Community Support
With Gleen Ticketing, you can engage your community by enabling qualified community experts to answer user questions and escalate to CSMs.
Community Rewards & Expert Onboarding
Gleen Ticketing helps you onboard and manage community experts and reward them for supporting the community.
Tokens and Rewards
To implement this rewards system, company admins have the ability to define reward criteria, such as tokens per answer and token types.
Expert Participation
Experts can answer questions in both Gleen Forums and Gleen Ticketing, depending on the product being used by the company.
Admin Review
Admins review expert applications and approve or reject them accordingly. Only approved experts are eligible for rewards.
Context Maintenance
Members interested in becoming experts apply by providing details like their wallet, Discord ID, and answering a quiz related to the community. Some experts may be whitelisted, exempting them from quizzes.
Reward Distribution
If an expert's answer meets the reward criteria set by the company admin, they receive rewards. These rewards are sent out after a 7-day period to prevent collusion by bad actors.
Seamlessly Integrate with Your Entire CS/CX Stack
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