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Your Ultimate Guide to Using a ChatbotAI in Customer Service

ChatbotAIs, or AI chatbots, are revolutionizing online customer service. We discuss 11 tips for effectively deploying chatbotAIs effectively in CS, and Gleen AI is the easiest and fastest way to implement those tips.

Crawl, Walk, Run: How to Successfully Implement Generative AI

Implementing Generative AI doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition. Here's a guide on how to incrementally implement generative AI and build organizational trust along the way.

How to Implement Generative AI for Customer Service

Generative AI for customer service can implemented in many different ways. Gleen AI is the fastest and most secure way for CS teams to adopt generative AI. And, Gleen AI doesn't hallucinate.

How to Evaluate an AI Chatbot for Ecommerce: 8 Key Features

Chatbots are becoming critical for eCommerce merchants. Generative AI chatbots like Gleen AI can sync with your product catalog, inventory, and prices, understand complex customer questions, and provide relevant answers. And Gleen AI doesn't hallucinate.

How to Build a Chatbot

Believe it or not, it's easy to build a generative AI chatbot. But it's difficult to prevent the chatbot from hallucinating. For a non-hallucinating generative AI chatbot, try Gleen AI.

Gleen's Free Generative AI Chatbot Builder

Looking for a chatbot builder? Gleen AI's free generative AI chatbot builder trains on your knowledge base, provides highly relevant answers, and doesn't hallucinate.

13 Tips for Choosing the Best Omnichannel Chatbot

Omnichannel chatbots can help you communicate with customers across all channels. A leading generative AI chatbot like Gleen AI can be deployed across all of your support channels, leverage one knowledge base, understand complex questions, create highly relevant replies, and avoid hallucinating.

Delight your customers with the world’s most accurate and capable generative AI platform.