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Playground FAQs

What’s the purpose of Playground?

The fastest and most effective way for you to appreciate the power of Gleen AI is for you to play with a chatbot that’s powered by Gleen AI.  So we built Playground so you can interact with Gleen AI bots.

How did you choose to make these chatbots?

We chose these chatbots based on availability of public documentation and areas of interest/expertise among our prospective users.

We’ll also be adding/changing the Playground chatbots. So be sure to come back and visit.

How did you train these chatbots?

Each demo chatbot has been trained on a given brand’s public documentation. We created a separate instance of Gleen AI, entered the URLs of a given brand’s public documentation, and the chatbot ingested the documentation and was trained.

Is the OpenAI bot a substitute or competitor to ChatGPT?

Absolutely not. The OpenAI bot is trained on OpenAI’s documentation. The chatbot will only answer questions about OpenAI and its products. ChatGPT is a general purpose chatbot that is intended to respond to (almost) any prompt.

Why does the bot sometimes respond with, “I wasn’t able to find an answer in the provided documentation”?

That’s by design. These are not general information chatbots. They have not been trained on the entire internet. Rather, they have only been trained on each brand’s public documentation.

Gleen AI doesn’t hallucinate.

For example, if you ask the Docker bot about OpenAI, chances are, there’s nothing in the Docker documentation about OpenAI. So the correct answer is, “I wasn’t able to find an answer in the provided documentation.” Any other answer would be hallucination

I’m definitely asking a question that’s covered by the brand’s documentation, but I’m still receiving a “I wasn’t able to find an answer…” response.  What’s up with that?

It’s possible that we crawled a version of the documentation that is out of date. It’s also possible that the chatbot needs to be tuned slightly. Please try asking your question in a different way. If the problem persists, be sure to let us know by sending us an email at, and we’ll investigate.

Can I make a bot on my own documentation?

Absolutely.  Create your free, custom chatbot now. Get started here.