CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORYMatter Labs Introduces Generative AI Solution Powered by Gleen AI to Aid zkSync Developers

The Company

Matter Labs, creator of zkSync and zkSync Lite



The Goals

  • Allow the zkSync community team to focus on growth instead of support/retention
  • Provide multi-language support to the international zkSync community

The Results

  • Average response time decreased from hours to seconds
  • More than a 70% decrease in unanswered questions
  • Overwhelmingly positive response from zkSync community

About zkSync

The mission of zkSync is to advance personal freedom for all — making digital self-ownership universally accessible by building a blockchain network that is trustless, secure, permissionless, affordable, easy to use, resilient and limitlessly scalable, as articulated in the zkSync Credo.

The Challenge

Despite the meteoric growth of the zkSync community, the community team wanted to ensure continuous, round-the-clock support as the community scaled into the hundreds of thousands of people. More specifically, the community team wanted to solve three key problems:

Key Problems

Increasing time-to-answer
Growing number of new types of questions
Multi-language support, given the global growth of the zkSync community

Additionally, the team was looking at organic ways to integrate AI-based solutions to better facilitate the sharing of information betweens developers and community members.

The Decision

The community team found the ideal generative AI-based solution using Gleen AI — allowing them to easily constrain and fine-tune a GPT4-based model with their own knowledge base to provide impressive results.

The Impact

The new generative AI solution powered by Gleen AI has proven to be extremely effective in supporting the massive million person zkSync community, accurately answering over 1,000 queries per month.

  • The zkSync community has seen average response time improve from hours to seconds
  • Number of unanswered community questions declined by over 70%.

Average Response Time Improved From:

Hours to Seconds

Number of Unanswered Community Questions Declined By Over:


The Feedback

Most importantly, feedback from the zkSync community has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have expressed their appreciation for the accuracy and relevance of responses provided by the new generative AI solution, as well as the tool&apso;s ability to answer in multiple languages. One zkSync community member commented, "This is the best answer bot I've ever used. It's really cool."

“Implementing Gleen AI was close to no effort on our side. We just provided a few links, and the rest was smooth”
Esteban Vilar
Estevan VilarCommunity Manager, Matter Labs

The Future

Building on the new generative AI solution's success, there are several potential areas to explore. For example, community members have asked about pending transactions on the zkSync network. To better service these requests, the generatie AI solution powered by Gleen AI is planning to integrate with zkSync block explorers to provide real-time blockchain information.


Gleen has joined the fast growing zkSync ecosystem to provide a robust solution for its massive community and the support challenges any ecosystem in hyper-growth experiences. Ultimately, creating a solution that delights the community, unlocks greater efficiency in the sharing of information and knowledge, and drives developer growth. This partnership has demonstrated the power of generative AI in creating efficient, high-quality community support, and sets the stage for further innovation in the future.