Gleen AI ROI Calculator

1. Pre-Gleen AI
Monthly Customer Service Costs
Monthly Conversations
Cost / conversation
= $2.86
2. With Gleen AI
# of monthly Gleen AI conversations
Deflection Rate with Gleen AI
Savings / Month with Gleen AI
= $70,000
3. Gleen AI ROI
Gleen AI Cost/Conversation
See pricing
Monthly Gleen AI Cost
Monthly Gleen AI ROI
= 200%

ROI Calculator FAQ

What's the purpose of ROI Calculator?

The ROI Calculator helps you estimate your monthly Return on Investment (ROI) by using Gleen AI for first line customer support.

What are “Monthly Customer Service Costs”?

Estimate the monthly variable cost of customer service. Exclude fixed or allocated costs that are out of your control, like real estate, depreciation, utilities, and the like.

What are “Monthly Conversations”?

Conversations is the total number of customer interactions you have in a month, including customer calls, video calls, live chat sessions, email threads, and Slack threads.

With email and Slack threads, multiple related messages might be needed to resolve a customer issue. Those multiple messages should be considered one conversation.

What is “Deflection Rate”?

Deflection rate -- also known as Containment Rate -- is the percentage of first line customer support conversations that are not escalated to live agent.

We've found that Gleen AI typically deflects 70% of conversations. This is an estimate, and your deflection rate may vary, depending on your type of business and the number of tasks your Gleen AI chatbot can accomplish.

How is Savings per Month calculated?

Savings per Month is the variable cost you can potentially save by using Gleen AI.

Specifically, the formula for Savings per Month is: Savings = Monthly Gleen AI Conversations x Deflection Rate x Cost/Conversation

Can I choose my Gleen AI cost per conversation?

Gleen AI is sold in different editions. The cost per conversation starts at $1.00/conversation and increases to $1.50/conversation, depending on the edition and the number of Action Bots integrated with Gleen AI.

In addition, the more conversation credits you buy, the greater your volume discount. To simplify the ROI calculator, we’ve only included 3 prices.

To learn more about Gleen AI pricing, visit our pricing page.

How is Gleen AI ROI calculated?