GLEEN AI FOR CUSTOMER SUCCESSDelighted customers always come back for more.

Gleen AI is a generative AI-based bot that's designed to delight our customers' customers. So you can boost customer satisfaction, grow customer retention, and save both time and costs.

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Gleen AI Benefits for Customer Success:With Gleen AI, you get:

4 Ways Gleen Creates Value For Customer Success Teams

With Gleen AI, your customers will be delighted with lightning fast response times, high resolution rates, and naturally flowing conversations. And you'll be a rock star.

Easy Implementation

Streamlined Onboarding

Train Gleen AI on existing documentation, regardless of how imperfect, and get up and running in <2 hours.

Multi-Channel Support with Seamless Integration

Seamlessly embed Gleen AI across multiple customer success channels, including help desks, email, Slack and Discord.

Bot ready under 2 hours

Better Customer Experience

Real-Time Support & Faster Resolutions

Gleen AI is always there for your customers, 24/7, reducing wait time and accelerating time to resolution, even when issues need escalation to a live agent.

Automated Customer Feedback

Gleen AI automatically collects customer feedback on its responses, improving response quality over time.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Gleen AI maintains the context of the conversation and can even be integrated with CRM systems for fully personalized conversations.

Better customer experience

Significant Business Value

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Amaze your customers with highly accurate and relevant generative AI conversations and actions from Gleen AI.

More Customer Loyalty

Delighting your customers with Gleen AI will reduce customer churn and improve long-term profitability.

Increased CSM Capacity & Revenue Growth

With the time and cost savings generated by Gleen AI, your CSM team's enhanced efficiency can drive profitable revenue growth.

Significant business value

Peace of Mind

Secure and Private Data

Gleen was designed from the ground-up to keep your data as secure as possible and protect your customers' privacy.

No Training on Your Data

When Gleen AI stores and processes your data, any third party LLM we work with or other Gleen clients will not train or otherwise benefit from your data.

Peace of mind for your data

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Gleen AI

Gleen AI

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Gleen AI for customer success

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