How Puffy Partnered with Gleen AI
to Manage Exponential Growth

The Company



Online mattress retail

The Problem

  • Exponential increase in customers and support tickets
  • Puffy needed a scalable solution to manage growing customer inquiries without compromising customer satisfaction.

The Results

  • Gleen AI has fully resolved 63% of all consumer inquiries while maintaining 90% CSAT.
  • Puffy deployed Gleen AI first in email and then in live chat.
  • Gleen AI selected for superior response accuracy, ability to integrate with Freshdesk.

The Puffy Background

Founded in 2016, Puffy is a celebrated direct-to-consumer mattress and bedroom company operating across the U.S. and Canada. 

With a profound reputation for inventing mattresses that offer the sensation of sleeping on a cloud, Puffy is on a mission to redefine comfort and transform sleep experiences worldwide. This unwavering dedication to delivering premium sleep solutions and innovation has made Puffy one of the most popular online mattress brands in the U.S.

The Puffy Problem

Puffy was experiencing exponential growth in both revenue and customers. 

As Puffy grew, so did the volume of customer inquiries, ranging from product details to order statuses. The company needed a solution that could handle repetitive questions, streamline communications, and maintain the high quality of personalized customer interactions.

Puffy had tried deploying a simple workflow chatbot, but it had proven ineffective, as the vast majority of chatbot interactions resulted in transferring to a human agent.

"The customer base of Puffy has been growing exponentially over the last few years, as well as the number of tickets."

Puffy’s Search for Solutions

Puffy began searching for an AI solution that would not only manage high volumes of customer interactions but also integrate seamlessly with their existing ticketing system, Freshdesk, and their existing workflows.

Puffy identified and evaluated several AI solutions, including Gleen AI.  

To evaluate competing AI solutions, Puffy trained each AI on minimal training data and asked each AI a battery of common customer questions.

Why Puffy Selected Gleen AI

At the end of the evaluation, Puffy chose Gleen AI for 3 key reasons:

  • Gleen AI’s response quality was significantly better than competing solutions;
  • Gleen AI was one of the few solutions to integrate seamlessly with Freshdesk; and 
  • Gleen AI could be deployed gradually, allowing Puffy to build confidence in generative AI across the organization.

"The accuracy that Gleen AI provided... was much better than the rest of the AI tools [evaluated]."

How Puffy Deployed Gleen AI 

Puffy decided to first use Gleen AI to automatically respond to customer service emails. This allowed Puffy to monitor Gleen AI responses and gain confidence in the accuracy of its responses.

Once Puffy was confident in the automated email responses, Puffy implemented Gleen AI in its live chat window.

Gleen AI now answers visitors’ questions about products and store policies on the Puffy and Puffy Canada websites and handles all live chat interactions.  

During business hours, customers can transfer conversations to a live agent in Freshdesk. After business hours, Gleen AI can transfer customer conversations to email support.

Gleen AI's Impact at Puffy

  • Gleen AI has completely resolved 63% of all of Puffy’s customer service inquiries, including both email and live chat.
  • CSAT for issues resolved solely by Gleen AI has been 90%, matching historic, human-only CSAT levels.
  • Given that human agents have had more time to focus on more complex customer inquiries, CSAT for tickets with human involvement has also increased.
“Gleen AI is extraordinary, I can’t stop talking about it with our CEO and my assistant managers. Gleen AI was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in the company.”

Ricky Misas, Customer Support Manager at Puffy.

“We are extremely satisfied with Gleen AI, Gleen AI has far exceeded our expectations, and we would recommend it to anyone.”

Harendra Parihar, Marketing Specialist at Puffy

Gleen AI resolved 63% of all Puffy’s customer service inquiries, including both email and live chat.

CSAT for issues resolved solely by Gleen AI has been 90%, matching historic, human-only CSAT levels.

How Gleen AI has Impacted Puffy’s CS Team

Everyone at Puffy has been highly impressed with Gleen AI, including Puffy’s Customer Service team.

“Gleen AI gives very thorough responses to the easiest questions,” says Misas.  “It breaks down the answer and relates it to the customers’ needs. It’s like a “Wow” factor.”  

Gleen AI has also allowed the Puffy customer service team to focus on more complex and urgent issues, improving CSAT among human-handled tickets. 

The Puffy team has used Gleen AI to up-level their own service levels.  “Gleen AI has actually helped my representatives learn how to interact with customers in a fully engaged manner, as opposed to just sending out generic, canned responses,” says Misas.  

"My happiness with Gleen AI:  it's extraordinary."

The Bonus:  Gleen’s Responsiveness

Puffy chose Gleen AI for its superior response quality. 

But they were also extremely surprised with the Gleen team’s thoroughness and responsiveness.  

“We were really impressed with the level of service we received from the Gleen team, starting from documentation to implementation, post-implementation, query solving, QA checks, etc.” said Parihar.  “The service that we received from the whole Gleen team was excellent.”

"The service we received form the whole Gleen team was excellent."


Gleen AI has become an integral part of Puffy's strategy to manage customer interactions efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

Gleen AI's ability to improve response times and accuracy has led to higher customer satisfaction rates and has allowed Puffy to maintain high-quality customer service in the face of exponential growth.

This partnership has not only optimized Puffy’s operational efficiency but has also set a new standard for customer service within the ecommerce industry.