CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORYDIMO Supercharges Customer Support with Gleen’s AI Chatbot

The Company

DIMO Foundation


Automotive / IoT

The Goals

  • Help DIMO's fast-growing customer base become self-sufficient
  • Accurately address both real-world device issues and Web3 rewards questions

The Results

  • 50% decrease in time spent answering customer questions
  • High satisfaction among DIMO customers
  • DIMO can scale business and not worry about customer support bandwidth

About DIMO

DIMO's mission is to be the driving force behind the future of mobility: a future where data shapes infrastructure, emissions are lower, roads are safer, and life behind the wheel is better.

Consumers purchase a DIMO device and install it in their cars. The device collects and shares data about their driving and vehicles. In exchange, DIMO customers can get real-time offers for their cars, see vehicle vital stats, find new ways to save time and money, and earn rewards. Learn more about DIMO.

The Challenge

As a result of its compelling mission, DIMO had experienced exponential growth since its formation in September 2021. DIMO now has over 23,000 connected vehicles in its network and is still growing quickly.

DIMO found itself grappling with dozens of questions daily from their quickly expanding user base. From inquiries about real-world device and app operations to questions regarding user rewards, it quickly became clear that a scalable solution was needed to aid their growing customer base. “It was getting to the point where we could have been answering questions all day, every day,” said Shaolin F., Sr. Customer Success Manager at DIMO. “We really needed to find a way for our customers to be self-sufficient.”

The Decision

DIMO initially deployed a FAQ in a Discord server, hoping that would help their customers self-serve. “But they simply weren't reading the FAQ and still asking us questions,” said Shaolin. “We knew early on – we needed an AI chatbot.”

DIMO weighed multiple options, including multiple ticketing systems that were in the process of developing AI chatbots. However, Gleen's AI chatbot stood out for its focus on answer quality and its responsiveness, led by Gleen's CEO.

Ironically, what truly differentiated Gleen was its highly responsive customer support. Whether it was a feature query or a need for bot retraining, the Gleen team was always on hand, saving DIMO valuable time.

Gleen's Implementation Was Seamless

Gleen was able to quickly achieve a proof-of-concept of Gleen's AI chatbot on test servers. Once this proof of concept was presented to DIMO's founding team, socialized, and greenlit, deploying Gleen's AI chatbot to production was seamless

Minimal Ongoing Maintenance

The Gleen AI chatbot doesn't require any stand-alone monitoring or maintenance. “I moderate Discord whenever I can, but I'm not moderating the Gleen AI chatbot per se,” said Shaolin. “I'll check in on questions being asked, and I'll review the answer being provided by Gleen's AI chatbot. If an answer looks bad, it's super easy for me to provide feedback.

“Our customers simply weren't reading the FAQ and still asking us questions. We knew early on – we needed an AI chatbot”
Shaolin FSenior Customer Success Manager

Result: Gleen Halved Support Time

The introduction of the Gleen AI chatbot has led to a 50% reduction in the time spent answering customer questions, from 3 hours a day to just 1.5 hours per day.

In addition, Gleen's AI chatbot doesn't just answer customer queries based on a FAQ. The Gleen AI chatbot is able to query DIMO's (anonymous) customer data to provide social proof, e.g., “Will DIMO work on my 2016 Toyota Camry?” “Yes. In fact, 52 other DIMO members are currently driving a 2016 Toyota Camry.”

DIMO is now considering deploying the Gleen AI chatbot across additional support channels and integrating it with its eCommerce storefront.

Internal Reception is Very Positive

The internal feedback at DIMO has been overwhelmingly positive. “Gleen's AI chatbot is fantastic,” said Shaolin. “It asks follow-up questions, supplies links to supporting documents. Our customers are impressed. They're getting exactly what they need: thorough and correct answers.”

“The Gleen AI chatbot has really been a game changer,” said Alex Rawitz, COO and Co-Founder of DIMO. “With Gleen, successfully supporting our customers isn't a bottleneck to scaling the business. It's a huge weight off our shoulders.”


DIMO appreciates the ease of use and accuracy of Gleen's AI chatbot, as well as Gleen's excellent customer support.

DIMO is looking forward to an expanded implementation of Gleen AI across all its customer interaction platforms for a unified customer support experience.

The Gleen AI chatbot has become more than just a problem-solving tool for DIMO; it has become an integral part of DIMO's vision for a seamless, interactive ecosystem that builds community as much as it answers questions.

"The Gleen AI chatbot has really been a game changer. With Gleen, successfully supporting our customer isn't a bottleneck to scaling the business. Its a huge weight off our shoulders"
Alex Rawitz
Alex RawitzDIMO COO & Co-Founder