We Give All Our Employees a ChatGPT Plus Subscription -- And You Should Too

Helix gives all its employees a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. The results have been amazing.

We Give All Our Employees a ChatGPT Plus Subscription -- And You Should Too
Illustration Credit: Ruby Chen, from OpenAI ChatGPT Plus Blog Post

Especially in a start-up, productivity is everything. There’s always too few people and too much work to be done.

That’s why, at Helix, we've made the decision to provide all our employees with a ChatGPT Plus subscription, reimbursing them for their monthly subscription fees. And you should do the same.

Empowering Creativity and Collaboration

At Helix, we recognize that our employees are our greatest assets. By providing a ChatGPT Plus (we’ll just call it ChatGPT moving forward) subscription to every team member, we're enabling them to unlock their creative potential and collaborate more effectively. Whether it's in engineering, marketing, sales, or HR, ChatGPT has proven to be a force multiplier for employee productivity.

Here are some concrete examples of how we’ve used ChatGPT.

Turbocharging Engineering

Our Engineering team is operating at at least 2X the efficiency of what it was at pre-GPT. Most people think of ChatGPT as just answering text-based questions. But ChatGPT speaks code also, and it does so really well.

Our Engineering team has used ChatGPT to:

  • Debug existing code
  • Refactor code
  • Brainstorm complex programming problems
  • Create containers in Docker
  • Create AWS deployment scripts
  • Router load balancing

Now that we have access to the codeinterpreter plugin, we are also using it for:

  • Data Analysis
  • Analyzing experiment results

Enhancing Marketing Efforts

For a B2B start-up, content creation is key.

Our marketing team has leveraged ChatGPT to generate compelling and engaging content ideas and drafts, create an information architecture for a new website, write copy, create headline and subject line alternatives, create surveys, and even analyze the results of those surveys.  

Note to the wise:  ChatGPT is a great jump start for initial first drafts.  But every good marketer should take those first drafts and create second drafts, adding their own voice and unique perspective.

Boosting Sales Performance

With ChatGPT, our sales team members have access to a virtual sales assistant that helps them craft compelling email responses, demo scripts, and presentations.  ChatGPT can even help prep for sales calls with suggested talking points and objection handling.

Helping Human Resources

We’ve used ChatGPT to write evaluation criteria for prospective employees and freelancers.

Do you have health care benefits that no one in your company really understands? Do you have questions about what’s covered under your health plan vs not?  We’ve used GPT-4 (the API version of ChatGPT) and Helix AI, our own generative AI-based system, to create a benefits bot. Employees of Helix can now log into our own benefits bot and ask questions about our health care plan and receive highly accurate and relevant answers.

You too can create your own free bot at https://helix.im/playground/create/.

In Summary

Providing a ChatGPT Plus subscription to all our employees at Helix has proven to be a transformative decision. We're still often amazed by ChatGPT.  It makes us all much more productive. For $20/month, it’s a terrific employee benefit. And a massive productivity boost for the company.

ChatGPT:  it’s the future of work.