Announcing Gleen's $4.9 Million Fundraise

Gleen announces a $4.9M fundraise to push the boundaries of customer support using generative AI. Backed by leading investors, our unique technology overcomes chatbot hallucination, setting a new standard in the industry. Dive into a future where reliability meets innovation

Announcing Gleen's $4.9 Million Fundraise

From our earliest days, our core vision has been to help businesses delight their customers. We do it by building the most accurate customer support solution powered by generative AI. To that end, today marks a significant milestone as we welcome new investment partners to join us in this journey.

Today, we announce a $4.9 Million fundraise led by Slow Ventures, with participation from 6th Man Ventures, South Park Commons, Spartan Group, Script Capital, CoinShares, Krust Group, and several other esteemed founders and angel investors.

Introducing Gleen AI: The World’s Most Accurate and Capable Support Solution

Gleen AI Chatbot

The recent advancements in large language models (LLMs) and generative AI have stirred much excitement. However, the tendency for LLMs to hallucinate – i.e., respond with completely fabricated information – has remained a significant impediment to generative AI, especially in customer support/success. According to our latest survey of over 300 CS executives, 55% of executives consider hallucination a deal-breaker in implementing generative AI solutions.

Gleen solves the hallucination challenge. Eliminating hallucination creates a massive paradigm shift in the customer support/success industry. Any company in any vertical can now provide highly accurate and reliable support, internally to employees or to external stakeholders like customers, third party developers, or community members – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and in over 100 different languages.

At Gleen, we have solved the chatbot hallucination problem by creating a proprietary AI/ML layer independent of the LLM. This layer ingests enterprise knowledge across multiple sources, manages it, selectively feeds knowledge into the LLM, and cross-checks the quality of the LLM’s response, thereby eliminating hallucination.

LLM is less than 20% of our solution stack. The rest of our tech stack is focused on ensuring accuracy and relevance. We’re also completely LLM-agnostic. Gleen AI works with many LLMs, be it OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Anthropic, or a fine-tuned Llama.

Gleen AI, after its beta phase earlier this year, is now publicly available. We have integrated with leading help desk solutions and messaging tools such as Slack, Discord, and more. In addition, we have also rolled out developer-friendly SDKs and REST APIs for customers to integrate directly with.

Our Customers are Delighted

Our vision of providing highly accurate and reliable generative AI solutions has resonated with customers. Early Gleen AI customers have praised the solution for dramatically reducing response time and decreasing the backlog of customer and community questions. They particularly like that it's very accurate and straightforward to implement and maintain.

Per Estevan Vilar, Community Support at Matter Labs (creator of zkSync and zkLite),  “Implementing Gleen AI was close to no effort on our side. We just provided a few links, and the rest was smooth.” Read more about this case study here.

Customer's love for Gleen

Let’s Go

We welcome new partners into the team and thank our customers, advisors, families, and friends who have supported us.

Having built the world’s most accurate and capable customer support solution, we intend to partner with the industry to spread awareness about the capabilities of generative AI and the opportunities it opens up for businesses. You can expect exciting new product announcements and community initiatives from us in the coming days and months.

We’re excited for you to try the magic of Gleen firsthand. Just dive right in by creating your free chatbot at Gleen's Playground or set up a direct conversation with our team here.


Ashu, Nagendra and the Gleen team

About Gleen

Gleen AI is the world’s most accurate and capable generative AI for customer success teams. Our generative AI chatbot doesn’t hallucinate, can be deployed in less than 2 hours, integrates with leading help desk solutions, goes beyond simply answering questions by taking actions, and automatically unifies across fragmented knowledge. Gleen is based in Silicon Valley, CA, and our team includes veterans from LinkedIn, Microsoft, Uber, Facebook, Amazon, and McKinsey & Company. Learn more and create your own free generative AI at