How to Get Your Generative AI Projects Unstuck

Generative AI can seem like rocket science. But it doesn't have to be. Gleen AI can make generative AI easy.

How to Get Your Generative AI Projects Unstuck
Is this your generative AI project?

According to a recent article in Axios, over 70% of companies have at least one AI project in production. But half of those projects are still in the pilot or proof of concept stage – i.e., they're not yet enterprise-ready.  Many other projects are at serious risk of getting stuck in the pilot phase.  

The reasons for getting stuck in the pilot phase are three-fold:

  1. Data disorganization:  32% of companies are finding that their data is stored in too many places and too many different formats.
  2. Security:  26% are concerned about data security.
  3. Computing performance:  20% of respondents say they don't have access to sufficient computing resources to train their AI models and scale their generative AI efforts.

Get Unstuck with Gleen AI

If you think your generative AI project is at risk of getting stuck, Gleen AI is the perfect solution to getting unstuck. Specifically:

  1. Gleen AI loves data disorganization.  Structure data. Unstructured data. Incomplete or outdated FAQs. PDFs. Photos. Knowledge embedded within help desk answers and community Discord threads. Gleen AI was explicitly designed to extract and unify knowledge from disparate sources.  So, organizing all your enterprise data doesn't become an unachievable milestone to start reaping the benefits of generative AI.
  2. Gleen AI was designed with a security-first mindset. All of our infrastructure is hosted on AWS, and we're in the process of becoming SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. In addition, for customers extremely concerned about security, we offer single-tenant instances of Gleen AI and virtual private links to those single-tenant instances.
  3. We take care of enterprise-scale computing performance.  We've built a highly scalable and super-fast generative AI system that starts providing highly accurate and relevant answers within seconds of the answer. You don't have to worry about GPUs, the time it takes to train and retrain your model, response time, and throughput. We worry about all of that, so you don't have to.

LLMs, vector databases, and embeddings all sound complex, and many companies think that it will take 5 years to scale their generative AI projects fully. We at Gleen say this:  

Generative AI chatbots don't need to be complicated.

Generative AI shouldn't take 5 years, 5 months, or 5 weeks.  Using Gleen AI, companies should be able to get their generative AI projects up and running in 5 hours (or less).

So get unstuck. Get Gleen AI. And supercharge your generative AI projects.