Gleen's Email Integration: Streamlining Support Tickets

With Discord communities, many support tickets are created from incoming emails. Now view all tickets - from Discord, website, or email in Helix dashboard

Gleen's Email Integration: Streamlining Support Tickets
Gleen's email integration for customer support

Gleen is a comprehensive support solution designed to meet the needs of modern teams managing vibrant communities on platforms such as Discord, Slack, and Twitter. With a suite of robust tools – Gleen AI, Gleen Forums, and Gleen Ticketing – Gleen ensures a seamless user experience, enabling even small teams to deliver top-notch support.

The Problem

One of the most common challenges community managers face is the large volume of support tickets generated through various platforms – Discord, Website, Emails, and more. The need to monitor and manage these tickets from separate sources often leads to operational inefficiencies and potential gaps in delivering quality customer service.

Gleen's New Feature: Email Integration

In our constant endeavor to improve your experience, we are thrilled to announce our newest feature – the ability to create support tickets from incoming emails. Now view all tickets - from Discord, website  or email - in your Gleen dashboard—no more toggling between tools.

We are proud to state that Gleen is the first and only support product to offer Discord, Website, and Email integration 🎉

Benefits of the New Feature

The integration of email support tickets directly into Gleen brings a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Centralization: The key issue of centralizing support management across all platforms is effectively addressed. All support tickets, regardless of their source, can now be viewed and managed in one place.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: This feature drastically improves operational efficiencies by reducing the need to juggle between different platforms for different support tickets.
  • Boosted Customer Service: With a more streamlined process, the quality of customer service is inevitably boosted. Rapid response times and improved case management lead to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced Workload for Moderators: Community moderators will find their workload significantly reduced. No longer needing to switch between different platforms, they can focus on resolving issues and improving community engagement.

These benefits create a more streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive approach to customer support.

How Current Users Can Access the New Feature

For current users, enabling this feature is simple. Head to Integrations under Settings and click “Connect Email”. Your incoming emails will now create tickets in your Gleen dashboard, allowing you to view and manage them with other requests.

Alternatively, you can watch this video :)


With Email Ticketing, Gleen provides an all-in-one solution for support teams to strengthen community relationships through quick, thoughtful support. Turn on this feature to experience the benefits of fully integrated, comprehensive customer support.

Share your feedback - we're constantly innovating to meet your needs. More updates are coming soon! Count on Gleen for complete community support.