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Gleen AI

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Get Industry-Leading Accuracy & Actions with Gleen AI


Get Answers You Can Trust

Your customers hate inaccurate answers.

That's why we developed Gleen AI, a generative AI/ML system that works in conjunction with GPT-4 to maximize the accuracy and relevance of all generative AI responses.

Get Answers You Can Trust
Take Automatic Actions

Take Automatic Actions

Your customers need prompt action, not just idle chit‑chat.

Gleen Action Bots can be configured to perform practically any action on behalf of your customer, all within the context of the same generative AI conversation.


Unify Fragmented Knowledge

Don't have a comprehensive knowledge base or extensive FAQ? No problem.

Gleen AI can easily gather knowledge from disparate sources, like your help desk answers, community discussion boards, and product data sheets. Updating Gleen AI's knowledge takes one click.

Unify Fragmented Knowledge

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Gleen Products

Gleen AI

Gleen AI

Everything You've Wanted in a Generative AI Customer Success Bot. And Less.

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Gleen AI

Gleen Ticketing

AI-Powered Ticketing Across all Your Customer Success Channels

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Our Customers Love Us

Ron Feathers

Ricky Misas

Customer Support Manager at Puffy

“Gleen AI is extraordinary... Gleen AI was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in the company.”

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Ron Feathers

Ron Feathers

Director of Professional Services

“Gleen has fundamentally changed the way that we're thinking about how we support customers.”

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Estevan Vilar

Estevan Vilar

Community Manager, Matter Labs

"Our community members love interacting with Gleen AI. It's decreased our average response time by 2 orders of magnitude, and the number of unanswered questions has decreased by more than 70%."

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Daviti Lomidze

Daviti Lomidze

CEO of Global Software Solutions, SKF

“I’m really satisfied with Gleen AI...It helps us a lot. It resolves a lot of issues for us, and it also really helps our customer service team.”

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Alex Rawitz

Alex Rawitz

DIMO COO & Co-Founder

“The Gleen AI chatbot has really been a game changer. With Gleen, successfully supporting our customer isn’t a bottleneck to scaling the business. It’s a huge weight off our shoulders.”

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Our Customers' Customers Love Us

Really cool to have the ability to read screenshots of code. That is actually amazing.

This is really great. The bot's answers are very accurate.

This is the best auto answer bot I've ever used.

Highly recommend these guys!

Great product.

This robot is really cool.

@DIMO_Network's Discord is where I learned about @gleenai and fell in love!

Using Gleen AI is as Easy as 1‑2‑3




Gleen AI can crawl multiple sources of your company's knowledge in as little as 2 hours.




Deploy Gleen AI on your support channels, and/or integrate Gleen AI with your help desk solution.




Monitor consumer feedback and documentation inconsistencies in Gleen AI, and continue to update knowledge as your company evolves.

Deploy Gleen AI Across Multiple Functions

Customer Success

Use Gleen AI to answer your customers' questions, complete basic tasks, and escalate to live agents. Also use Gleen AI to assist your agents



IT Help Desk

Human resources

Legal & Compliance

Strategic partnerships

Vendor Relations

Developer Relations

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Entire CS/CX Stack


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