Delight Your Customers via Slack with Gleen AI

We're thrilled to launch Gleen AI's Slack integration. Many clients use Slack for customer support. With Gleen AI on Slack, reduce response times, enhance CSAT, and boost efficiency. Train Gleen AI using diverse Slack channels' knowledge and install it with ease.

Delight Your Customers via Slack with Gleen AI
Gleen & Slack: A Delightful Match for Your Customers

We're excited to announce the public availability of Gleen AI's Slack integration.

Several of our customers use Slack to support their customers. Slack is the perfect medium for Gleen AI to help reduce your average response/resolution time and improve your CSAT and operating efficiency.

With Gleen AI's Slack integration, you can:

  • Train Gleen AI chatbot on your company's knowledge, even when that knowledge is contained within a wide array of different Slack channels
  • Effortlessly install Gleen AI into your Slack instance with one click
  • Add (or don't add) Gleen AI to specific Slack channels. Gleen AI will only respond in the channels it's beens explicitly added to.
  • Add Gleen AI to an unlimited number of Slack channels. Gleen AI is priced based on the number of conversations it has, not the number of channels it is added to.
  • Configure Gleen AI to respond only to questions in the Slack channels. Gleen AI will monitor the channel and only respond when it detects a question or a question intent.
  • Get real-time responses.  Gleen AI starts streaming generative AI responses immediately.  No waiting 20-30 seconds for a response to appear means less customer waiting and higher CSAT.

Furthermore, with Gleen AI's Slack integration, you'll still get all the goodness from Gleen AI, including:

  • Highly accurate and relevant responses.  Gleen's generative AI will only respond using your company's knowledge. Our "just say no to hallucination" pledge applies to all Slack channels.
  • Relevant citations to answers.
  • Real-time feedback that helps to continuously improve answer quality.
  • Integration with leading help desks.
  • Seamless escalation to live agents – any question that Gleen AI is unable to answer can be escalated to a live agent. The full conversation will also be handed off to the live agent, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Get a Live Demo of Gleen AI's Slack Integration

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Ashu Dubey, will be giving a live demo of Gleen AI and our Slack integration on Wednesday, August 30th, at Noon PT.  Register to attend by clicking here: